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Tony Bennett Messes Up 'God Bless America' [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

There are some people in this world who can do no wrong. Some on bias and some based on age. Tony Bennett is one of those guys.

During the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals game on Monday afternoon, Bennett sung "God Bless America."

It's a classic song that is sung at baseball games across the United States and there might be quite a bit of pressure to not flub the lyrics.

That's exactly what Bennett did. Instead of saying "white with foam" Bennett went with "bright with gold." Now it's easy to mess up these lyrics I guess, when listening to it and you don't know the lyrics by heart, you wouldn't even notice.

Lucky for us we have the internet and they capture everything.

I will give props to Bennett that he spit out his gum before he began singing.
Twitter seemed to just allow Bennett go on and not harass him which is unusual for Twitter.

I guess if you are a legend then you get a free pass.

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