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The Week In Geek 3-29-12

By: Theron Dahlerup

What's in an Internet minute

Most people know who Intel is, right? If you are using a Windows computer then more than likely there is a sticker on your computer with their name on it. If you still want to know more about Intel check them out here. Well the brains over at Intel have come out with a nifty little chart that documents what happens in an internet minute, and it actually blew my mind a little.

Credit: Intel

Some of the things that shocked me is that there are as many networked devices, i.e. (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and computers) as there are people on the planet. Another crazy fact is that they think that number will double by 2015. There are also 204 million emails sent every minute, I am willing to bet that 203 million are those are spam.

A sad day for Nintendo

As of April 2nd of this year GameStop will stop accepting trade-ins for  Nintendo Gamecube, Gamecube games and Gamecube accessories. Who knew they were even still taking trade ins for Gamecube stuff. Nintendo discontinued the cube back in 2007. Although I was never a huge fan of the cube I do know that my best friend Sidney and I spent a ton of drunken nights rocking out some Mario Party 5. Side note on this topic… Nintendo please release a new Mario Party, I am sick of 8. Thanks! Trust me Mario Party is the best drinking video game out there. Make sure you find your local GameStop and get that whole 3 dollars STAT! Click here for some more info.

Speaking of drinking

There is a new beer on the market and it is aimed toward all the gamers out there. Tallgrass Brewing Company out of Kansas is introducing 8-Bit Pale Ale. I'm not usually a fan of Pale Ale, I am more of a pilsner or Captain Morgan fan, but I will definitely buy a 6 pack and give it a try. Click here for some more info on 8-Bit Pale Ale.

Credit: Tallgrass Brewing

It is an interesting branding idea, the video at the end of the post already has my attention!

A blast from the past

Make sure you tune into the Celtics/ Heat game this Sunday for the premiere of the Total Recall trailer staring Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale. I am excited to see what they have changed and update of this cult classic Sci-Fi thriller. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Total Recall - Teaser for the Trailer - Colin Farrell Movie (2012) HD by Rotten Tomatoes Trailers on YouTube
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