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Secure-24 Releases White Paper on Health Information Exchanges

SOUTHFIELD -- Secure-24, a leading provider of managed IT operations, application outsourcing and cloud computing, announced the availability of a new white paper, titled "Health Information Exchanges: Improving Patient Outcome through Technology and Healthcare."

The white paper provides both historical and forward-looking views of where Health Information Exchanges stand in the United States. It provides objective definitions of the different types of HIEs, including their technical origins, various business structures and governing stakeholders. Particular attention is paid to the HIEs in Indiana, Tennessee, Maine and Connecticut.

The vision of any Health Information Exchange is to improve health care across the board by sharing meaningful patient information. Organizations that are building HIEs are dealing with three significant challenges: complex technical requirements, logistical hurdles and the potential shortage of long-term funding.

"To share meaningful patient information, securely, on a scale this large is a complex and multifaceted undertaking," said Joe Szmadzinski, chief strategy officer of Secure-24. "The only way to do it is with sophisticated technology. And, the only way technology will work is with a scalable and flexible infrastructure."

According to Secure-24, a private cloud environment can facilitate any of the typical HIE architectures (centralized, hybrid, or federated). HIE architectures can be designed to achieve specific business objectives, and then created, tested and run in a hosted cloud production environment.

Additionally, a hosted environment can be deployed in less time than using a typical in-house environment; it provides a very high level of security and disaster recovery, and is able to rapidly scale up or down as needs change over time.

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