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Re-Source Partners In Asset Management Joint Venture with ALG Worldwide

TROY -- Troy-based Re-source Partners Thursday announced a joint venture with ALG Worldwide Logistics LLC, an air freight forwarding and logistics company headquartered in Chicago.

The alliance will combine the strength of ALG's transportation, logistics and distribution capabilities and Re-Source Partners' systems and tools for asset management of IT hardware.

As means of creating a platform that can be easily replicated in any of the 16 ALG or Re-source Partners locations, the deal included the sale of the assets of the existing logistics department of Re-Source Partners to ALG. The companies chose to initiate the launch of the partnership from the Re-Source Partners location in Troy to ensure a smooth transition and to solidify and test the processes prior to rolling them out to all of ALG's 15 locations nationwide.

Re-Source Partners completed an expansion last August which included relocation of the corporate offices to a new headquarters as well as a move to a larger processing center nearby. ALG adds this to a list of recent expansion programs they have initiated including a large West Coast agency. It is just one of many other geographical expansions planned in the near future by ALG.

The companies have been working together to create an aggressive nationwide rollout of the joint venture which will further the reach and offering that they can provide. This expansion is underway. The Wood Dale, Ill. location is currently operating and further expansion of processing capabilities will be added soon including more full-time Re-Source Partners employees as well as tools and systems to support the need to process large volumes of IT assets.

Eric Hezinger, President of ALG's Domestic/International group views this alliance as a major opportunity to gain market share within the Reverse Logistics marketplace which he believes is in need of an entity to provide a "turn key" approach for competitive distribution and IT asset management services.

Additionally, he projects this alliance will address a market need to provide custom services throughout the IT asset lifecycle.

Hezinger, who has been closely involved with the logistics end of IT services throughout his career, said success requires "a partner like Re-Source that is flexible enough to expand a region quickly, but organized enough to do it well." Mike Loria, President of Re-Source Partners, said that "this is a great investment for us because of the reach that this offers over a traditional regional expansion plan ... for the same cost as opening a single processing center, we can expand our reach, create jobs and provide better service to many of our clients."

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