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Peace Officer Awards Ceremony Honors Life-Saving Heroes, First Responders In Oxford High School Tragedy

(CBS DETROIT) -- A special award ceremony in Oakland County.

"You do it because you care and you want to make a difference and you do it from love and you do it in a selfless way," Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said to a crowd of first responders Wednesday.

Bouchard honoring first responders during the National Peace Officers Day. This year's annual awards ceremony honored those officers who were on the scene moments after the tragic Oxford High School shooting.

"A lot of people don't understand the challenge it is for the men and women to do what they did that day, to go passed someone who is hurting or terrified to go to the threat to seek out and stop the person that's causing that," said Bouchard.

He says first responders were not the only heroes on that sad Nov. 30 day.

Oxford High School student Heidi Allen, 15, was given a citizens award for pulling an injured student into a classroom and barricading the door during the shooting.

"It feels very humbling, just really grateful to be getting the honors that I'm getting," Heidi said.

The ceremony honored more than 400 individuals and 45 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and other organizations for their members' brave, heroic acts. Recipients were honored for everything from fire rescues to handling COVID protocols during the pandemic.

"We live in a time where there's a great deal of hate and anger and evil, and you are needed now more than ever in my opinion," said Bouchard.

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