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Open-Carry Banned Inside Michigan Capitol, Concealed Permitted

(CBS DETROIT) – A security breach by a pro-Trump mob at the U.S. Capitol is sparking up a conversation back at home about firearms at the Michigan Capitol. The topic became a hot-button issue last May when armed activists stormed the Capitol in Lansing. Now the commission is forced to make a decision to finally silence the open-carry debate.

"Basically the language of this amendment would ban the carry, open-carry of weapons in the capitol building," said William Kandler, Michigan State Capitol Commission.

A battle that has been brewing for nine months is now settled. The Michigan Capitol Commission made an unanimous vote to ban open-carry inside the state Capitol building.

"Exceptions of this include the Michigan state police, capitol security officers, sergeants of arms of the Michigan Senate or House of Representatives, law-enforcement officers license by the Michigan commission law-enforcement standards; and a person with a valid concealed pistol license, a CPL," said Kandler.

The commission implemented the ban Monday during a brief 10-minute meeting after long-standing consideration from both sides of the debate.

"I have personally received thousands of emails on this issue. Many of them extremely well-written and well thought out. Both pro and con, but I would say that in general folks out in the public are very interested in this issue and have strong feelings about it," said Kerry Chartkoff, Michigan State Capitol Commission.

The board was pressured to move forward with a decision following last Wednesday's riots at the Capitol in Washington D.C. that resulted in five deaths.

Critics say the amendment doesn't go far enough and believes the commission should ban all weapons including concealed.

The open-carry ban at the Michigan Capitol goes into effect immediately.

The rule does not apply to the outside grounds of the building.

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