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Get Great Deals On Vacations To Warm Locations In The New Year

ANN ARBOR (WWJ) - If going on a warm weather vacation is on your wish list for the New Year, there are some locations you should look into that are offering vacations at some of the lowest prices ever. CEO Tom Parsons said there are some great deals to warm places right now, especially in beach-lined Florida.

"We're seeing Miami, which should be in the 80s, we're seeing that round-trip before taxes come in at $158 right now, and that's the one I'd jump on and forget Mickey and UNiversal and go down and hit the beaches of South Beach," said Parsons.

Parsons said Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and other areas of south Mexico are still safe for tourists, who can find some great bargains on complete vacation packages.

"This is actually a little bit south of Playa de Carmen, which is a neat city in Mexico, but we're looking at packages with four nights and airfare coming in under $500 per person, and that includes over $100 in international taxes."

Parsons said there are also deals to Europe, but it's best to wait for the bigger bargains overseas in April and May.

"Eighty percent of the airfare sales out of Detroit start on a Tuesday and end on a Thursday, and those are the three important days. Again, I wouldn't even do an early Tuesday morning. I would wait until Tuesday afternoon, because you want time for Delta and the other airlines to match whatever the competition is doing."

Parsons added that if Europe is in your plans, you won't want to book in June or July -- that's when fares will shoot sky-high.

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