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Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 4/30 - "27th Annual Detroit Music Awards" Edition!

The 27th Annual Detroit Music Awards is this Friday, May 4th and we've got a special playlist featuring the performers of this year's event!

Listen below to get ready for DMA results!

1. Sponge - "Time In A Bottle"


Known for their captivating performances and edgy, alternative rock n' roll, Sponge will blow you away with heavy riff guitar, top-notch lyricism and that epic Detroit rock vibe. They don't shy away from creating interesting tracks with multiple instruments to keep things fresh and interesting.

2. Kash Doll - "For Everybody"

Kash Doll

You can't deny that Kash Doll is Detroit's pride and joy in the hip-hop scene. The beats are fire and her lyricism cuts like glass. She's not afraid to speak her mind and her truth, while blazing rhymes like no one else can. Don't mess with Kash Doll, because she'll drop some mad tracks on you. 

3. Melvin Davis - "This Ain't The Way"

Melvin Davis

Recognized as a Motown classic, Melvin Davis brings energy and an abundance of groove to his tracks. You'll find that big Motown band aesthetic with Davis' sharp and punchy vocals transporting you back to those good ole' times of soulful Motown magic.

4. Frontier Ruckus - "If You Can"

Frontier Ruckus

Americana folk rock at its finest, Frontier Ruckus vividly captures life, love, (and sometimes) the weather in Detroit. Their music is lyrically dense and beautifully crafted with acoustic strumming that will make your heart flutter, a multitude of instruments, and many stories to tell.

5. Liquid Monk - "Nighttime"

Liquid Monk

A sultry, groovy jam with swoon-worthy synth and a seductive beat, this track from Liquid Monk will have you swaying in no time. The vocals mesh perfectly with the chic, laid-back sound, and there's a chance you'll want to vogue out to this one. It's perfectly done from beginning to end.

6. Virginia Violet and The Rays - "Go On Without Me"

Virginia Violet & The Rays

This new single recently released by Virginia Violet and The Rays is a Detroit, Motown classic with jazzy and sassy beats. The horns really make this an epic track that feels expansive and larger-than-life. The guitar is melodic, while the vocals are seductive and soulful. It's an all-around great track that brings that classic Big Band sound.

7. Maroon - "Fresher Than This"


These guys keep it real with their alternative hip-hop that's both gritty and raw. The beats are simplistic and synthy, while witty rhymes coast over top. Their delivery is very "in your face" which makes this duo a hip-hop powerhouse.

8. Assemble Sound Residency (Bevlove - "Do What I Say")


Are you looking for a banger? Well look no further than Bevlove's single "Do What I Say." It's a raunchy, sexy track with killer beats and bass. Her tracks are addictive and incredibly catchy, but this one is a chart topper, for sure. Her voice alternates between sultry and innocent, to powerful and suggestive. Let's just say it's a perfect NSFW track and worth all the listens.

9. Assemble Sound Residency (Gosh Pith, Flint Eastwood, & SYBLYNG - "Saviors" )

Gosh Pith-Flint Eastwood-SYBLYNG

This collaboration is a great showcase of Detroit's talent. It's an epic, alternative pop track with gorgeous production and otherworldly synth. The vocals are dreamy and the lyricism is spot on and catchy. It's amazing what can come from a group of artists coming together.

10. Assemble Sound Residency (Sam Austin - "Youngin'")

Sam Austins

This is a phenomenal hip-hop track that really plays to the production and perfectly manicured back-beats. The lyricism is heartfelt and thoughtful, while the delivery balances R&B with a modern rap style. The keys that run in the background really create a soft melody to make this song romantic.


Good luck to all of this year's DMA nominees!

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