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Big Lotto Jackpot Brings Out The Gamblers, Dreamers

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) - When the prize is $320 million ... it's all about playing to win the Saturday night.

The noise of the lotto machine is rings constantly inside the Speedway gas station on Northwestern in Southfield as the Powerball Jackpot grows over the three hundred million mark.

This is where Gail Eden is counting her cash and banking on her lucky numbers to make her one wealthy woman.

"If I win, I'm going to ... serious ... do something in the city, redoing my neighborhood, I'm in northwest Detroit, do something about the abandoned homes," Eden said. "Then I'd give some to my church and get some traveling in finally."

Eden said she'd start in Hawaii and end up in Paris.

"Five is the month of my birth, and 19 is because I had a lucky day last year on the nineteenth of March ... just got a little settlement," said Eden. "Yeah, that was a good day."

Speedway Manager Nick Fidel says it's been busy.

"Yeah - it's been going on ... since the beginning of the week it's been (busy) people buying in advance - it's been good," he said.

Fidel tells WWJ he has already bought his tickets, and is putting his money on his kids birthdays, he says they are his lucky numbers.

You can hear the winning numbers tonight at 11 on WWJ.

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