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Best Pizza In Detroit

Alibi, Green Lantern, Pizzapapalis -- what could these restaurants possibly have in common? They are among the list of the best places in Detroit to get a slice of pizza, of course. 

Alibi Of Troy

6700 Rochester Road
Troy, MI 48085
(248) 879-0014‎

On Rochester Rd., just south of M-59, the Alibi offers the best pie in town. I'm not sure if it's the sweetness of the sauce/crust combination or the generous toppings, I just know it's the best. The true test of a good pizza is how does it stand up the next day? The Alibi pizza is so good that you don't have to reheat it, and if you do, it doesn't matter if you throw it back in the oven or nuke it, it's always delicious. By the way, you can't order a pizza from the Alibi without getting an accompanying Antipasto Salad with the best dressing in town...I'm just saying.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern

28960 John R Road
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 541-5439‎

You can roll one of two ways here, traditional round or the deep dish. The round is the call, though the deep dish is no slouch either. Don't you love it when the pepperoni curls up crispy and fills up with a drop of grease? It's got that smoky crust to it too, from a very well seasoned oven that has you dying to get to the crunchy finish. There will be no scraps left behind.

Loui's Pizza

Loui's Pizza

23141 Dequindre Road
Hazel Park, MI 48030
(248) 547-1711‎

One of the original deep dish treats, Loui's will remind you of another very good square pie in town initially, then you'll realize it's even better. This is a pizza where you will fight over the end pieces because the crust is amazing. Be prepared to wait a little because they are so busy, once you sink your teeth into it and taste the cheese, toppings, sauce and crust, you'll know why.



553 Monroe Street
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 961-8020‎

The Chicago style pizza is not like the others, you have to be in the mood for it. But, when you are, it's awesome! It's like lasagna on a crust that will knock you out after a couple of slices. Those toppings are down deep, buried with the cheese and sauced on top. That's the Chicago way and it's great, try it with spinach and feta and really treat yourself.


24 Seconds in Berkley

3071 12 Mile Rd
Berkley, MI 48072
(248) 336-0024‎

It's the sauce and cheese combo that makes it on the list. The tried and true pepperoni is great, but try something outside the box and go for the Chicken Pesto Pizza complete with a white sauce and chopped pine nuts. It sounds ridiculous, but the taste is amazing. Try any of their specialty pies and you won't be disappointed.

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