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Ann Arbor Firm Offers New CRM System

A veteran Ann Arbor Internet marketer is out with a new customer relationship management system.

John Paul Narowski says his KarmaCRM product offers a new take on a longtime software category.

"Agile, lightweight and mobile are some of the major shifts we have been seeing successful small businesses implement," Narowski said. "We saw this shift and decided to build software that helped support those characteristics, wrapping the software around a business' goals instead of the other way around."

Narowski is a longtime specialist in Web site and software development and design. Before founding KarmaCRM he helped found MetaSpring LLC and was lead developer for Ave Maria Foundation. 

Narowski said KarmaCRM is simple on the outside, yet agile on the inside, allowing users to get started quickly, but customize the program over time to suit specific business needs.

"We practice true 'Customer Driven Development' here at KarmaCRM, providing our users with many different mediums to submit ideas, thoughts and uggestions," continues Narowski.  "Our team discusses these ideas on a daily basis; we look at every angle of the clients' suggestions, and the results of these conversations then become a fundamental part of our development roadmap."

The makers of KarmaCRM have clearly shown this product is not only for small business owners, but sales teams, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and enterprise businesses alike.

"In this flattened world, effective use of technology is imperative to ensure your business remains relevant, competitive and profitable," Narowski said. "When life moves fast and business moves faster, we can help things run smoothly. "Effective use of CRM can help you stay on task, collaborate, communicate and do more business, more efficiently."

Users agree.

"As a sales executive for the past 25 years, I've seen and used my share of CRM products; I have to say that KarmaCRM stands above the rest because of its extremely user-friendly interface and intuitive ease of use," says Danyel Benoit of Promotec. "This is very important when considering user adoption of a CRM tool. Also, I have to commend the Karma team for their openness and incredible response to our needs and suggestions.  This is a great product backed by an outstanding team; it should definitely be on your short list when choosing a CRM system."

"I have had the pleasure of using KarmaCRM from day one and I have to say it is one of the friendliest pieces of software that I have ever used.  The bright, colorful design is a nice break from the sea of beige and grey interfaces out there and is just one of the many things about the application that really stands out," says Ian Wilson of Petit Vogue Children's Fashion Blog. "The interface is easy to grasp and use even for the less Internet savvy members of my team, which means I spend less time training them how to use the system and more time getting work done.  With new features and feedback being implemented on a regular basis, it's probably one of the only pieces of software I actually look forward to using everyday.  It just works."

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