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Karen Leigh


Karen Leigh says, "I couldn't be more grateful to wake every day in this beautiful state and earn a living doing something I love."

Karen says she knew the moment she landed at DIA in 2008, that she had come home.

An Arkansas native, she grew up loving the great outdoors -- and what better place to explore than Colorado!

A four-time Emmy winner, with 20 years of experience, Karen respects the TV business and accepts its challenges, changes and demands.

She's covered floods, tornadoes, wildfires, the Aurora theater shooting and traveled to California for Super Bowl 50 for week-long coverage on our beloved Broncos and their remarkable win.

Covering Peyton Manning on the memorable year preceding his retirement is something she says she'll never forget.

Karen says, "So often, we spend days covering disasters and tragedies – it was rewarding to share coverage of something that we all love and can be proud of – our Denver Broncos."

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On settling down in Denver, Karen says, "I cannot express enough my love for this community and what it represents. Our neighbors are strong, resilient, passionate, loving, caring, generous and intelligent people. Full of imagination and desire to make our state better for everyone. I'm so proud to call myself a Coloradan."

For Karen, free time means working in her yard, playing golf with her husband, and spending as much time as possible with her daughter and her close friends. Supporting her church community is also close to her heart.

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She loves animals and is currently still trying to train the newest edition to their family: a Bernese Mountain Dog named Eze.

As for charities and organizations, Karen says "I find it tough to champion one cause. My mom recently passed from ALS. So I try to support the local chapter of ALS Colorado – Wyoming. The others that tug on my heart; Musana, Second Wind Fund, Women's Foundation of Colorado, WillStrong Foundation and always the MS Society."

"There are so many ways to love on your neighbor, whether just being kind or by pitching in to the organization or nonprofit that speaks to you," she says.

"Getting involved is easy here ... there are so many ways to help and in turn enrich your own life!"

Just The Facts

Position: News Anchor
Year hired: 2008
Alma Mater: Arkansas State University
Most memorable interview: A young woman who survived a lifetime of physical/mental abuse by her adoptive parents ... she was amazing!
Dream interview: It would have to be Oprah. I love her.
Role model: Jesus Christ
Dream job: I'm doing it!
Job you would never attempt: lion tamer
Star sign: Gemini
First TV appearance: college tv station
Why I am journalist: I'm curious, and I like to learn new things.
Hidden talent: still hiding!
Hometown: Little Rock
Number of children: 1
Hobbies: playing with my daughter and dogs, yard work, jogging, golf, and reading.
Favorite food: A good pulled pork sandwich
Number of siblings: 1
Number of pets: 2 dogs
Favorite sports team: Broncos/Arkansas Razorbacks
Favorite vacation spot: anywhere hot with a beach
What words best describe CBS: well-oiled machine
Least favorite household chore: ironing
Favorite word: hope
Least favorite words: anything negative
Favorite noise: my daughter's laughter
Least favorite noise: screeching tires with a car horn
Favorite music: Sara Bareilles - Brave
What keeps you in Colorado? My job and the sunshine!
What's the biggest risk you've taken? Moving 7 times in my career
Who would play you in a movie? Sandra Bullock

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