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Justin Adams covers news and sports for CBS News Colorado both as an anchor and a reporter. He's a native of Denver who graduated from both Montbello High School and the University of Colorado. He and his family love living in the Centennial state.

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Justin has an extensive sports background and in 2020 began covering news as well.

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In addition to the work he does for CBS Colorado, Adams is also the play-by-play Voice of the Regis Rangers.

In 2024 Adams was honored by the publication Denver Urban Spectrum as one of the year's "African Americans Who Make a Difference."

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Position: Anchor and Reporter
Year hired: 2018
Alma Mater: University of Colorado at Boulder and Montbello High School
Why I am a journalist: I love to tell stories and to be able to entertain others. It's a passion of mine and being able to do this job is truly a dream come true!
Most memorable interview: Speaking with Negro League Hall of Fame President Bob Kendrick on the history of the Negro Leagues. I am passionate about history and I feel it's the best way to teach others about their heritage.
Dream interview: President of the United States, Peyton Manning
Role model: My Parents, Arnold Adams (Uncle)
Dream job: Sports Anchor and Play-by-Play Announcer
Job you would never attempt: Professional skydiver, no buddy!
Star sign: Capricorn
First TV appearance: 2012, on PBS speaking about college athletes and if they should be paid
First story: Profile on Colorado Buffaloes commit Trustin Oliver
Favorite story: History of the Denver White Elephants (Denver's Longest lasting All-Black Baseball Team)
Hidden talent: I'm ambidextrous. I throw with my left hand and write with my right hand.
Hometown: Montbello (Denver, CO)
Number of children: 1
Hobbies: Weightlifting, Reading, Mentoring, traveling to different countries
Favorite food: Meatloaf and Pineapples, weird I know.
Favorite musician: Lecrae, Trip Lee, Brian Reith (B. Reith), Swoope, Christon Gray
Number of children: 1
Number of siblings: 2
Number of pets: 0, I had two dogs when I was growing up
Favorite sports team: Any team that comes from Colorado. I'm a native and grew up loving all the teams.
Favorite author: Howard Thurman
Favorite vacation spot: Bermuda, the people there are the best! One of the most polite and kind cultures I've ever interacted with.
What one word best describes CBS Colorado: Family
Least favorite household chore: Diapers and Dishes
Favorite word: Persevere
Least favorite words: I can't or I won't
Favorite noise: The sound of a crowd cheering together at a game
Least favorite noise: My son crying at 1:45 a.m. I didn't even know that time existed!
What music are you listening to lately? More R&B and Christian Hip Hop. I'll mix in a little jazz as well, which means I'm really starting to get old. Also, listening to the Streetlights Bible App is a favorite of mine.
What keeps you in Colorado? 300 days of sun. How can you beat that? Also, I'm a native and it's a blessing to be on TV in my hometown.
What's the biggest risk you've taken? Getting married in 2017 and it was the best decision I've ever made!
Who would play you in a movie? Will Smith

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