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Young College Student Groped While Showering In Dorm

GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) - There was an arrest on Monday in connection with the groping of a woman in a college dormitory.

The victim says while showering in the dorm at the University of Northern Colorado a man got in and touched her inappropriately.

Students have been on alert at the Greeley campus since it happened on Saturday.

A man followed a student into Wilson Hall and entered the women's bathroom while a young student was showering.

(credit: UNC Police )

"Before she could leave the situation, he reached out and unlawfully touched her," Chief Dennis Pumphrey with UNC Campus Police said.

She was able to get away and call campus police as the intruder fled.

"We searched the area when we got the report, but could not locate the individual," Pumphrey said.


Around the same time of the attack police say a man matching the intruder's general description was inside the building. But right now, authorities are only calling him a person of interest.

"We know when he came in, we know when he left," Pumphrey said.

(credit: UNC Police )

It's not clear yet if the man is a student.

Those who live in nearby dorms are surprised how the intruder got into the hall that's locked 24/7.

"It's really hard to get anywhere that you don't have your card to swipe into," UNC freshman Schuyler Yager said.

Students like Megan Kline are staying vigilant.

"We all keep an eye out for each other," Kline said.

Wilson Hall (credit: CBS)

Police say the case is a top priority.

"When we have something that's this aggressive, this dangerous, we really do drop everything and make it our priority," Pumphrey said.

The person of interest was arrested on unrelated charges.

The campus community is reminded to avoid providing building access to strangers who lack permission to be inside secure areas.

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