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Xcel Restores Natural Gas Service To 10,000 Customers In Superior And Louisville, Close To Completion

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) -- Xcel Energy said Tuesday 10,000 customers in the Superior and Louisville communities have had their natural gas service restored.

According to the press release, work is close to completion to restore natural gas service to customers after the firestorm that impacted those communities. Crews are working directly with customers to arrange to relight pilot lights natural gas appliances once evacuation orders are lifted.

Someone 18 years or older must be home for crews to perform relights. Customers are asked to ensure water is turned on at their homes before relights are done, so their water heater pilot light can be relit at the same time as their furnace.

"The road to recovery for these communities will be long, with the devastation affecting so many homes and lives," said Alice Jackson, president of Xcel Energy Colorado, in the press release. "For those able to return to their homes, crews have made significant progress to ensure they have the power and heat they need, and I want to thank the entire community for your patience and all the ways you've supported our crews in the field. We're committed to the community for the long haul, as the recovery continues in the days and months ahead."

Safety Reminder

If you ever detect a sulfur or "rotten egg" smell inside or near your home, it could be the odorant we put in natural gas to help detect leaks. If you notice that smell, leave your home immediately. Do not turn any electrical devices on or off and never use any phone until you are outside and safely away from the area. Then, call us at 1-800-895-2999. In a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.

Customers who haven't yet had their appliances relit can contact Xcel if their evacuation order has been lifted and they are able to return to their homes for a relight by calling 1-800-895-2999. Customers can find updates on

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