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Best Big Brother: Wyoming Boy Rewarded For Saving Little Sister

(CBS4) - A young boy from Wyoming found himself in the public spotlight after he saved his little sister from a dog. Bridger Walker's aunt shared his story on social media - getting the attention of millions, including celebrities.

SUPER HERO CANDY 5PKG .transfer_frame_1963
(credit: Walker family)

Bridger got to talk to many of the actors in the popular movie series The Avengers. He even got a shield from the movie from Captain America himself, actor Chris Evans.

To many, meeting a superstar is a dream, but we've all heard the phrase "like a kid in a candy store." To a 6-year-old boy, not much else tops free candy.

Bridger and his siblings got $400 from It'Sugar in Denver to spend however they want. They didn't hold back.

"I got some jawbreakers and gummies and Sour Patch Kids head," said Bridger.

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(credit: CBS)

If anyone deserves it, it is probably Bridger. Almost one month ago a dog lunged at his 4-year-old sister at a friend's house.

(credit: Walker family)

He stepped in front of the dog to protect her. The dog bit his face requiring him to need surgery and a lot of stitches. Their parents, Robert and Teila, say that is just the kind of brother Bridger is.

"It didn't surprise us at all. He's always been very protective of his little girl," said Robert.

SUPER HERO CANDY 5PKG .transfer_frame_906
Bridger Walker (credit: CBS)

This shopping spree is just the latest reward the family received after their story got international attention. Bridger loves rocks and has been getting rocks sent to him from all over the world.

"We never expected any of this to go viral the way it did," Robert said.

His parents are thankful for all the love and support they've received, and now with this haul of candy Bridger is sure to stay sugared up all year long.

"I might let them go crazy today, but it will probably get put away for later," said Teila.

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