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Woman Suspected Of Attacking Pregnant Woman, Taking Unborn Baby, Will Stand Trial

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)- A judge ruled on Tuesday that the Longmont woman suspected of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting her unborn baby out of her will stand trial.

Dynel Lane has been charged with several counts, including first-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and first-degree unlawful termination of pregnancy in the attack on Michelle Wilkins.

Michelle Wilkins
Michelle Wilkins (credit: Wilkins Family)

Wilkins, also of Longmont, was seven months pregnant when she went to Lane's home at 1620 Green Place on March 18 after Lane placed an ad selling baby clothes on Craigslist. It was at the home that Lane allegedly attacked Wilkins, cut her unborn baby from her and left her to die.

In court, the prosecution detailed how Wilkins tried as hard as she could to stop the brutal attack against her and her unborn child.

Longmont Police Lead Detective Stacey Graham testified at Tuesday's hearing.

Graham testified that Lane and Wilkins spent about an hour talking about various subjects including her pregnancy. Then Lane asked Wilkins to come to the basement.

It was there that Graham said Lane attacked Wilkins, first with her hands, and then a lava lamp which she broke over her head. Lane then allegedly used the lamp to stab Wilkins in the neck, choked her with her hands and then tried to smother her with the pillow.

Dynel Lane
Dynel Lane (credit: Longmont Police)

Graham said Wilkins tried to stop Lane by telling her she loved her, to which Graham said Lane replied, "If you love me, you'll let me do this."

Wilkins and her family were not in court but a spokesman for the family said they support the charges against Lane.

The Wilkins family spokesman, Michael Perini, read this statement from the family after the hearing: "The Wilkins family deeply appreciates the support afforded to us by Stan Garnett and his team at the Boulder County District Attorney's Office. We are confident in their ability to successfully see that justice is carried out in a manner proportionate with the circumstances surrounding the attack on Michelle and the resulting tragic death of her soon-to-be born daughter Aurora. We endorse the charges chosen by the District Attorney and believe them to be correct and reflective of what is permissible under current Colorado law.

As a family, we believe that efforts to seek justice on behalf of Michelle and Aurora are now in the hands of Colorado's Twentieth Judicial District-- not in ours. We now choose to let the legal system run its proper course and will refrain from making any comments on the court case until it is concluded and a verdict reached.

We continue to be heartened by the many messages of love, comfort and unity we have received not only from around the country but from around the world. Our conviction that we are members of a global community overwhelmingly filled with virtuous people loving and looking out for each other has been continually validated in the days and weeks since the attack. We are thankful and humbled by the support we've received and the many generous contributions made to assist in Michelle's recovery.

Michelle continues to recuperate- physically and spiritually. She has departed Colorado for the time being but is in a familiar place surrounded by family and friends united in her support and well-being."

Graham said Wilkins lost consciousness before police believe Lane cut her abdomen and removed the fetus.

Graham said Lane then took the baby, who did not survive, to Longmont United Hospital, where she appeared "shaken and hysterical" and had given the baby a name, claiming it was hers.

When Wilkins awoke and called 911, Graham said Wilkins believed her baby was still inside her.

Graham said that when interviewed, Lane claimed Wilkins provoked the attack and that she believed Wilkins was dead when she removed the baby from her womb.

Lane kept her head and eyes down, not looking at the detective as she recounted the story.

Lane remains in custody and is scheduled to return to court in July.

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