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Witness: 'He Pointed The Gun Straight At My Face'

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - One witness in the theater in Aurora when the mass shooting took place early Friday said she was only a few feet away from the suspect when he entered the theater.

"I was in the second row in the very front," said witness Jennifer Seeger, referring to the suspect who police say is James Holmes, 24. "I was probably the closest to him when he came through the doors. He came in through the back near an exit, it's like an access hallway."

"He came in and I thought it was a theatrical thing, I thought he was just doing it as part of the show to add some pizzaz or something," said Seeger.

"He didn't say anything he just took a gas can that was filled with gas, he took the cap off and threw it and it exploded everywhere. At that point people thought it was an effect so they didn't think anything and then he shot his first shot into the ceiling and that made everyone scatter. It was mass pandemonium at that point."

Seeger was just a few feet from the suspect when this happened.

"He pointed the gun straight at my face. I was just a few feet away from him," said Seeger. "I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I knew I had about a five second window to be able to survive or die. I just jumped forward as far as I could and ducked and covered in the aisle on the ground."

Seeger told her friends to calm down and stay still and to not move until the suspect walked up the stairs.

"After that all you heard was gunshots just multiple fires, there were moms screaming, kids screaming, and there are kids saying 'Who got shot, you know?' "

Seeger said the suspect was wearing a gas mask and was 6 feet tall, 185 to 200 pounds, very muscular but covered with black clothes, a vest.

"He looked like a guy from a SWAT team."

Seeger said it was very confusing because, "I thought he might be the guy from the SWAT team. But it turned out he was the bad guy."

"He was shooting people as they tried to get out through the exit. Anytime anyone would get up he would shoot them. It wasn't like he had a specific agenda he would just shoot people," said Seeger. "I couldn't breathe and thought I would suffocate on the gas smell.

"The guy was relentless. He never stopped."

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