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Wildlife Center Overwhelmed, Will Keep Taking In Animals In Need

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4)- A wildlife rehabilitation center outside of Longmont is a little overwhelmed with the number of at-risk animals after the only bird rehab center in Denver closed last year.

The Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is the only center along the Front Range that can take in birds. Although they haven't reached the height of their busy season yet, the center is already seeing more birds than ever before.

The rehab center treats a variety of birds for different reasons. One of the birds staying there is a woodpecker, about three weeks old. The woodpecker was brought in after it lost its nest.

A bird at the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (credit: CBS)

"I'm just checking to make sure there weren't any injuries when the branch broke and the birds fell to the ground," said Bob Nightwalker, a volunteer at the rehab center.

Most of the birds brought in have been orphaned or have had their nests destroyed.

The center is taking care of 370 animals, most of them are birds.

"Which is actually about 260 more than we had at this time last year," said Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center spokeswoman Jenny Bryant.

The WILD Bird Sanctuary in Denver closed last year due to funding issues. That's putting an extra burden on Greenwood.

"There have been times We all felt pretty overwhelmed," said Nightwalker.

greenwood wildlife rehab center
(credit: CBS)

"We spend about $32,000 a year on food for the animals," said Bryant.

Bryant said moving forward, they will continue to take in animals as long as possible. The rehab center's busy season continues through September.

"As long as we have the volunteers and we have the resources, we are trying to take care of as many as we can," said Bryant.

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is celebrating Wildlife Wednesday, an online fundraiser that is collecting donations to help the birds.

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