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Some Businesses Skeptical & Excited Of G Line News

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) - It's not an April Fools' Day joke. RTD announced Monday, the long awaited commuter rail line, which runs from Union Station to Wheat Ridge, will open April 26.

RTD G Line Arvada
(credit: CBS)

"We kind of found it pretty funny that they decided to announce it today which is April Fools' day, that it's finally happening. There was a little bit of a chuckle among the community of 'Is this a joke or not?' but we're all really excited that it's finally happening," said Lori Hofer, Co-Owner of The Cereal Box.

Even for a place as fun as The Cereal Box, joking about the opening date of the G Line would be cruel.

RTD G-LINE OPENING 10PKG.transfer_frame_622
(credit: CBS)

"It's gone from anticipation to the whole emotional spectrum, right? If will it happen or when is going to happen?" said Hofer.

Hofer and her husband, Michael Emmerson, opened the store just under two years ago. They knew Olde Town would be a great fit for their family business. The prospect of the G Line only reinforced that decision.

RTD G Line Arvada
(credit: CBS)

"Knowing that the G Line was coming sort of validated what we loved about Olde Town and what we knew to be true about it. It's becoming this destination in the metro area for people to go to."

The G Line was initially slated to open in October of 2016, but was delayed because of timing issues with the crossing gates.

Following the announcement Monday, many in Olde Town were still skeptical.

RTD G-LINE OPENING 10PKG.transfer_frame_1907
Lori Hofer (credit: CBS)

"It definitely was an immediate sort of whisper like 'is this really happening?' and 'did you hear the news?' So there's definitely a buzz about it," said Hofer.

It's expected to make a meaningful impact for businesses and community members alike.

"It means I'm going to get to school a lot easier. I start at CU Denver for special education in the fall so it's going to be really exciting to be able to get to where I need to in like, a better way!" said Arvada native Madison Jester.

RTD says there will still be flaggers at some of the gates after the line opens and the horn will still sound. RTD said Monday it's still in the process of getting quiet zones approved.

RTD G-LINE OPENING 10PKG.transfer_frame_329
(credit: CBS)

G Line trains travels a route that covers 11 miles and passes through northwest Denver, then into parts of Jefferson County and Adams County.

"It provides another key alternative to driving and being stuck in traffic," said RTD CEO and GM Dave Genova. "The G Line will operate from 4 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. with 15 minute frequency between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. and a 30 minute frequency at all other times."

RTD is offering free rides on the G Line the day it opens. They expect ridership to be around 9,000 people per day.

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