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Westwood College Statement

We are proud of our tradition dating back to 1953 of helping nearly 40,000 graduates reach their education and career goals.  Westwood College has been through an extended period of declining enrollments due to market shifts and changes in the regulatory environment.  On November 11, 2015, Westwood College announced its decision to discontinue all new student enrollments.  Since making that announcement, the College has been focused on providing quality education and campus services to our students and developing a transition plan for students to complete their education.  After identifying and contracting with a strong group of partner schools that will provide options for students to complete their education, Westwood has decided that the January 2016 Term will be the last term taught at Westwood College.  Westwood will have graduated an additional 1,000 students in the December 2015 and January 2016 terms, and 2,500 students will complete their degrees with one of the partner schools.

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