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Westminster Elementary School Teacher Tests Positive For Coronavirus, 100+ Students Move To Remote Learning

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) -- A teacher at an elementary school in Westminster has tested positive for COVID-19. Thursday was the first day of school at Hodgkins Leadership Academy. More than 100 students who came in contact with that teacher will now move to remote learning for two weeks.

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"When I came back I was a little nervous like a lot of us," Music teacher Amanda McPherson said.

She's hopeful the work they have put in and the districts planning will keep everyone safe.

"This is a plan that has been ongoing for a long time. The protocols we have in place and the systems we set up in this school are simple and effective. If anyone can do it, we can," she said.

One day into the new school year and those plans are being put to the test. More than 100 students who came in contact with the teacher who tested positive for COVID-19 will now move to remote learning for two weeks.

Six other teachers/staff members who came in contact with the teacher will also stay home for a 14-day quarantine period.

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Chief Operating Officer for Westminster Public Schools James Duffy said, "The teacher was at Hodgkins on the opening day of school, August 20, and students who were in direct contact with the teacher have been identified and will be moved to our remote learning platform for a 14-day quarantine period."

"On Friday, August 21, Westminster Public Schools was notified by our testing partner, COVIDcheck Colorado, that a teacher at Josephine Hodgkins Leadership Academy tested positive for COVID-19. The teacher, whose privacy is protected by law, had a routine test on Wednesday, August 19, and the positive result was immediately shared with the district."

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Duffy said because of the preparation and work done to cohort students and limit interaction, Hodgkins Leadership Academy will remain open for in-person learning for all other students.

"We were able to identify teachers and the students that would have contact with the COVID-positive teacher," he said.

And while it's certainly not how they wanted to start the year and will continue to take necessary precautions to keep everyone safe, he says this may be a look at the new normal.

"Dr. Douglas with Tri-County Health has said this before. Unfortunately, this is the new rhythm of our work and we will probably be experiencing it throughout the year," Duffy said.

Parts of the school they have determined were shared with the cohort now quarantined will be thoroughly cleaned.

No other Westminster Public Schools are affected.

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