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Westminster-Based Cyber Security Company Coalfire Is Hiring During Coronavirus Pandemic

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4)- As the world shifts jobs to remote locations in the face of stay at home orders, the battle to protect data and intellectual property has become more vital.

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"Our growth has actually maintained if not increases based on the world's current state," said Andre Barrutia, Director of Account Acquisitions at Coalfire, a Westminster-based cyber security company.

"Daily you hear about who got hacked, who got broken into, what type of personal information was taken and those things aren't going to go away," said Barrutia.

And Coalfire is hiring.

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They are looking to fill around 100 positions not just in Colorado, but Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, and the United Kingdom.

"We cover anything from IT audit and assessment and compliance specific type work across the board to technical testing," he said.

So-called ethical hackers help customers find gaps in their current security programs and help them build and implement new security protocols.

Most positions require previous experience, but some entry level jobs are available as well and all jobs come with opportunities to develop new skills.

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"Something that we've stood by here at Coalfire has been our people, people are really really important being that we are in the people business and we want to grow people, we want them to have the opportunity as well," said Barrutia.

LINK: Coalfire

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