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Woman arrested for mailing drug-laiden letters to Colorado inmate

A 27-year-old Greeley woman, Monica Moreno, was arrested Thursday on accusations she sent mail to a Weld County Jail inmate that was soaked in narcotics. 

Moreno now waits inside the same jail. She faces two felony drug charges. 

The unnamed male inmate on the receiving end of her contraband-infused correspondence had two new charges added to his court file, also. One is a felony and one a misdemeanor. 

Monica Moreno Weld County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

That male inmate was scheduled to be transferred to the Colorado Department of Corrections, according to the Weld County Sheriff's Office. Once there, he planned on selling the drug-soaked papers to the inmate population.    

"This is a trend jail staff have seen across the state, where inmates eat or suck on paper to get high," WCSO's Captain Matt Turner stated in a social media post. "Currently, the staff at the Weld County jail are proactively working to stop these types of drugs from entering the jail through the mail."

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A similar operation was reported in Larimer County last year. Twelve people were arrested - nine male inmates who trafficked illicit drugs inside the jail and three women who sent the narcotics into them. Fentanyl, methamphetamine, and Suboxone strips were found in the mailed materials, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office reported. 

Weld County did not report what drugs were found in its inmate's mail.

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