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Alec McKinney Describes 'Pushing Point' In Devon Erickson's Murder Trial For STEM School Shooting

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - On Wednesday, Alec McKinney, who previously pleaded guilty in the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch, continued his testimony in Devon Erickson's murder trial.

alec mckinney testifies day 2 Erickson Trial
Alec McKinney testifies on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. (credit: CBS)

McKinney, a trans boy, was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole last summer.

Erickson's defense claims McKinney forced Erickson to participate in the shooting.

devon ERICKSON TRIAL 12VO_frame_85
Devon Erickson (credit: CBS)

On Wednesday, McKinney testified that he did not threaten Erickson and that Erickson agreed to go through with their plan.

McKinney said they were both upset because Erickson's girlfriend at the time, who was also McKinney's friend, was not happy with them and they felt they'd "lost" her. McKinney said that was the "pushing point" in their decision to go through with the shooting.

McKinney said he and Erickson snorted cocaine the morning before the shooting.

Another friend, David Sispera, testified on Monday that he and Erickson also snorted cocaine, and smoked marijuana, in a separate instance at Erickson's house that morning.

McKinney said he and Erickson used a crowbar and an ax to break into Erickson's parents' gun safe. McKinney said it took about an hour.

McKinney testified that he originally told police he made Erickson do the cocaine and break into the safe, because at the time Erickson was going through with the plan to blame it all on McKinney.
McKinney said now that he is "sober and under oath... that is not accurate."
McKinney said they wrote "**** society" on Erickson's mom's car, poured gas on it and inside it, and Erickson lit the car on fire.

McKinney became emotional when photos taken the day of the shooting were shown in court.

McKinney said he went to Room 107 that morning, even though was not scheduled to take that class, because he wanted to warn a student named Aaron Padgett to get out of the classroom.

On Monday, Padgett testified that he had received a message from Erickson to meet him in the bathroom, but he didn't go, and was not warned about the shooting.

ERICKSON TRIAL 12SOT.transfer_frame_173
(credit: CBS)

McKinney said he did talk to another student named Grace Weber -- and told her to leave because he didn't want her in there. He said Weber did leave the classroom.

McKinney cried as he described Erickson taking the gun out of his guitar case and pointing it into Room 107.

"I then also fired shots," McKinney testified. "I remember people coming at me, and I remember shooting aimlessly."

On Tuesday, McKinney that he and Erickson planned to kill everyone in Room 107. McKinney said he would take the blame and Erickson would look like a hero.

Kendrick Castillo was killed while trying to subdue Erickson after he allegedly pulled a gun in Room 107 on May 7, 2019.

KENDRICK CASTILLO MURAL 10PKG.transfer_frame_470
(credit: CBS)

Fellow students Brendan Bialy and Joshua Jones also rushed to disarm the gunman. Jones was shot twice and survived. Bialy was not injured.



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