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'I'm Humbled': Von Miller Expands Foundation With 'Von's Lockers'

DENVER (CBS4) - Broncos linebacker Von Miller held his second annual Western Round-Up on Monday night. The gala benefits Miller's Von's Vision Foundation.

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Von Miller celebrates the expansion of his foundation with "Von's Lockers." (credit: CBS)

It was announced Monday night the program will be expanding along the Front Range.

Von's Vision will be placing "Von's Lockers," which will contain a selection of fashion forward frames, at 13 Adventure Vision and Academy Kids Vision locations increasing the coverage area for Von's Vision to Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland and Denver.

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(credit: CBS)

The addition of these lockers means that uninsured children can receive care at an Adventure Vision or Academy Kids Vision location at an time under the umbrella of Von's Locker program.

"To serve kids across the front range is an exciting step for Von's Vision," said Miller via a release. "I'm humbled by the commitment of this team to serve children and Hero Practice Services is a great partner for us to expand the impact of Von's Vision."

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(credit: CBS)

Miller and the rest of his Broncos teammates had their bye during Week 10, and will return to the field on Nov. 17 when they visit the Minnesota Vikings.

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