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'Vincent/Clyfford' Shows Off Fascinating Artistic Parallels

Clyfford Still Museum Exhibit Is A Timely Tie-In To 'Becoming Van Gogh' At Denver Art Museum

DENVER (CBS4) - The waits have been long to see the Denver Art Museum's world exclusive Becoming Van Gogh exhibit, and with such a notable show next door the Clyfford Still Museum decided to create a very relevant tie-in.

Through Jan. 20 visitors to the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver can see a special exhibit called Vincent/Clyfford. The exhibit explores the styles and similarities of Vincent Van Gogh and Clyfford Still, both of whom mostly kept to themselves and didn't often release their art to the public.

"It's more about two individuals from two centuries who end up depicting the world in remarkably similar ways even though their styles are very different outwardly very different upon first view," museum spokesman Dean Sobel told CBS4 Critic at Large Greg Moody.

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The purpose of the exhibit is not to show how artists copy each other, instead it's about influence and visual relationships and how one artist saw the world through another artist's eyes.

"I think more than anything Still would have been interested in Van Gogh for Van Gogh's staunch belief in himself as an outsider. Van Gogh never fit into mainstream society. He wasn't very socially accepted, or even accepted among his artist peers," Sobel said.


There aren't any Van Gogh paintings as part of the exhibit, but by using a tablet computer visitors can compare paintings by the two artists that have the same thematic elements.

"At Vincent/Clyfford you discover how one artist can not only influence another artist but drive him in his own personal direction," Moody said. "Clyfford, like Vincent, left it all on the canvas."

The Clyfford Still Museum is located right behind the Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum at the corner of 13th and Bannock. Admission is $10 for adults, $6 for college students and seniors, $3 for ages 5 to 17.


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