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Video: Storm Trooper Spotted Clearing Snow In Durango

DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4) -- Heavy snow in southwestern Colorado has created epic conditions at ski resorts like Wolf Creek, but it's making walking and driving around towns like Durango difficult.

The Durango Herald reports that children in and around Durango got a second straight day off from school Friday because of the storm still hitting the area.

On man was spotted clearing snow from the sidewalk in a Storm Trooper suit.

storm trooper
(credit: Twitter/Hank Blum)

"Move to Durango they said. The winters are mild compared to Hoth they said," Hank Blum joked on Twitter.

The snow was piled as high as the man's shoulders in areas along the sidewalk.

storm trooper 2
(credit: Twitter/Hank Blum)

Despite the daunting task, he seemed to be in good spirits!

storm trooper 3
(credit: Twitter/Hank Blum)

Relentless Mountain Snow Is Downsizing The Drought

CBS4 YouReporter April Prout shared a picture measuring snow in beer cans. She measured about 4.5 cans deep.

durango beer snow april prout pic
(credit: April Prout)
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