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Video Of Parking Dispute In Downtown Denver Gets Nearly 2 Million Views

DENVER (CBS4) - More than a million people have tuned in to video of a dispute over a parking space in Downtown Denver.

In the video, a woman wearing pink spandex hangs on to a reversing SUV and screams while trying to hold her ground as a male friend tries to park nose first.

The incident happened on the weekend of Sept 4 at 15th and Larimer streets.

So, who's in the wrong? Denver Public Works says the woman standing in the spot has no right to block anyone from parking there. She's also wrong a second time when her friend tries parking nose-first. The only way a driver can legally hold a spot in Denver is with a paid permit.

"It seems like a dangerous situation," said Heather Burke, spokeswoman for DPW. "A pedestrian really shouldn't be standing there in the street like that."

The video was taken by Ryan O'Connor. The woman at the center of the recording knew she was being recorded on video and even addressed the camera in the middle of the dispute. O'Connor said a handful of people stood by during the incident, but were too afraid to confront her and tell her she was in the wrong.

"I just wanted this woman publically shamed," said O'Connor. "I posted this video to have people look and laugh at what's going on. She was in the wrong, not the SUV driver."

The driver of the white SUV was Sharilyn Kal. The commotion over the spot sent both of her dogs into a barking frenzy. She gave up the spot not wanting further confrontation.

"I didn't want her kicking in my doors," said Kal of the unknown woman. "It wasn't going to be worth a $500 deductible."

CBS4 hasn't been able to identify the other woman in the video. Kal said she had never seen her before. That woman may find that the confrontation was not worth the torrent of unwanted attention it's caused.

Kal found an open parking spot just a block away from the scene a few seconds after she left.

Stan Bush is a general assignment reporter at CBS4. His stories can be seen on CBS4 News at 10. Read his bio and follow him on Twitter @StanBushTV.

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