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VIDEO: Adults Brawl At Youth Baseball Game

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - The Lakewood Police Department is looking for a group of adults who got into a physical fight at a youth baseball game on Saturday. It happened at the Westgate Elementary School field during a Bear Creek Junior Baseball game.

(credit: Lakewood Police)

Police say it started with controversy over a call. A 13-year-old umpire said one of the 7-year-olds batted out of order.

"These adults took over the field and began assaulting each other on 6/15 during a youth baseball game. We're looking for any info, in particular to ID the man in the white shirt/teal shorts," the police department tweeted. "Several people have already been cited in this fight and injuries were reported."

(credit: Lakewood Police)

Police are especially interested in identifying the man in the white shirt and teal shorts -- saying he caused serious injuries.

Men and women can be seen punching and pushing each other, as others look on from the other side of the fence. One person can be heard starting to pray during the melee. The young players can also be seen running off the field.

baseball brawl (6)
(credit: Lakewood Police)

"It's a 7-year-olds' baseball game, and we're asking the parents to grow up," police said.

Concepción Rivera's own son plays in the same league and was appalled by what she saw.

"Parents shouldn't be acting like that. It's a game, it should be fun," she said.

"It's something that people are gawking at and there's shock value, but it's serious, serious things that happened during a youth baseball game," said John Romero, a Lakewood Police spokesman.

(credit: Lakewood Police)

So far, four different people have been cited for disorderly conduct and fighting in public, police said.

UPDATE: Man In Teal Shorts Still Unidentified After 'Disgusting' Youth Baseball Parent Brawl

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