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Parents, Students Gather At Valor Christian High School To Show Support For LGBTQ+ Community

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) - Some parents and students gathered outside Valor Christian High School on Friday to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. This is the latest demonstration after the dismissal of Inoke Tonga, a coach who says he was forced to resign for being gay.

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Tonga, the junior varsity girl's volleyball coach, says the school made him choose between his job or his sexual orientation.

Inoke Tonga
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The small group gathered outside of Valor Christian on Friday morning to fly rainbow flags while some people drove by and honked their horns in a show of support for the demonstrators.

One mother who helped organize the rally says the message from Valor about being gay and transgender is dangerous and that those children need to know they have adult support.

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"I think that a lot of people equate Christianity with being anti-gay, being anti-trans and that's just not the case. Certainly, some of the larger, louder churches send that message and it's just dangerous and it's negative and I don't think it's what Jesus would have done," said organizer Kathy Boyer.

Another rally attracted more people on Friday afternoon. Copter4 flew over the scene where about 50-75 people had gathered for the afternoon rally.

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