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Uvalde Massacre Is Having An Impact On Coloradans' Mental Health, And A Counselor Has Advice For How To Handle It

(CBS4) - Tuesday's mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas is impacting the mental health of many Coloradans.

"It doesn't matter how far Uvalde is," said licensed professional counselor Frank Clavijo. "It's in the U.S., so it's having an impact and if these events are happening more frequently, they're going to take a toll."

Clavijo said not only are events like this affecting kids, but adults as well.

"Many times adults don't really know how to handle those mental health conversations with our kids because they're also distressed," he said. "This week, I had a lot of cases and people calling me because they didn't know if they should send their kids back to school. It's a social trauma."

A spokesperson with Colorado Crisis Services told CBS4 that while they have received more calls than usual since the Uvalde shooting earlier this week, they haven't seen a significant spike yet.

However, CCS is seeing an overall spike in callers referencing the shooting when they do call. The spokesperson added it usually takes several days or weeks after a tragedy occurs for calls to substantially increase.

Clavijo said while these times are difficult for many, and it's important everyone address and take care of their mental health. He added one of the best ways to start addressing these feelings is to begin having those conversations with kids, and other adults.

"We need to remember every time this happens to stay calm, and have hope," Clavijo said. "We're in a place to do something. ... You have to ask yourself 'Is there's something I can do for me, and my community,' and we need to do that."

As a reminder to the community, Colorado Crisis Services is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, for any behavioral health crisis they may be going through. You can call, text, or walk into a facility for help. To contact the Colorado Crisis Line call 844-493-8255.


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