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Under Fire, State Sen. Evie Hudak Answers Critics On CBS4

DENVER (CBS4) - For the first time on television, state Sen. Evie Hudak answered her critics in an interview with CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd.

Hudak is under fire and faces a possible recall over gun control, taxes, and what's come out of her mouth. If she's ousted, Republicans would take control of the state Senate.

The latest flap involves door hangers and robocalls that warn neighbors about paid petition gatherers who may be criminals. Hudak says she received one of the door hangers herself and insists she has nothing to do with the group behind them, but she didn't condemn it either.

"Is this not a scare tactic?" Boyd asked Hudak.

"I don't know, it depends on what you call scary. Some people would assert that what was contained in those was the truth," she replied. "I would like to be able to put out all my messages myself, but that's not possible."

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Sen. Edie Hudak Sits Down With Political Specialist Shaun Boyd 

It's the second attempt this year to recall Hudak who has been a lightning rod for controversy. During the debate over gun laws this year she told a rape survivor a gun wouldn't have helped her. And when the school finance bill was up for a vote on the floor she told a Republican colleague who wanted more time to "flip a coin."

Hudak told Boyd her remarks need context.

"Do you understand why some people might find your remarks offensive, insensitive?" Boyd asked.

"I hear them say that, but I can tell you that my goal is to protect women and families, and to make the best legislation to do that," she replied.

Petitioners have until Dec. 3 to gather nearly 19,000 signatures needed to force a recall election. Democrats do have another option if Hudak can resign and her party can name a replacement.

"If these petitioners are able to gather enough valid signatures to bring this to a vote, will you resign?" Boyd asked.

"I don't have any intentions at this time of resigning. We still have a ways to go, I'll cross bridges if I come to them, but at this time I'm guardedly optimistic it won't come to that," she said.

Two other Democratic senators were ousted in recall elections earlier this year, but Hudak says she's got lots of support from both sides of the aisle. Her district is evenly split among Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

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