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It's A Triplet Boom At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

DENVER (CBS4)- They are thinking in threes at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Doctors have delivered three sets of triplets since March 5. Amazingly, one more set is on the way.

"We're very excited, very, very excited," said expectant mother, Luisa Gallegos.

4 SETS OF TRIPLETS 6PKG.transfer_frame_775
(credit: Luisa Gallegos)

These days, Luisa and Emilio Gallegos plan everything in triplicate. Three bassinets, three cribs, a three-seat stroller, even onesies in threesies.

"Everything's in 3 now, everything, everything," said Luisa.

"Yeah, it's life changing," said Emilio.

The couple told CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh they tried for three years to have a baby. They turned to IVF and are now 34 weeks along with three girls.

"We thought we were the only ones expecting triplets," said Luisa.

4 SETS OF TRIPLETS 6PKG.transfer_frame_1375
(credit: Gbusseh family)

Not so, the Gallegos babies will be the fourth set in a triplet boom in the Center for Maternal/Fetal Health at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

"I'm not sure it's ever happened to us before," said Dr. Bronwen Kahn, obstetrician and gynecologist specializing in high risk pregnancies.

The Gbusseh girls of Aurora were first. Meya, Maya, and Maleya were born March 5. On April 13, the Kisler daughters were born. With Guinevere, Caroline and Harmony, the family of 4 grows to 7. The third set of triplets arrived April 20.

"All of these babies are doing incredibly well," said Dr. Kahn.

4 SETS OF TRIPLETS 6PKG.transfer_frame_1599
(credit: Kisler family)

She said, despite anxiety about COVID-19, hospitals are extremely safe places to deliver babies.

"We on Labor and Delivery are not overwhelmed. We are kind of business as usual, aside from the time you can't see our faces," said Kahn.

The planned due date for the Gallegos girls is May 7. The saying goes, "Three's a crowd." For Luisa and Emilio, three's a family.

"It's scary, but at the same time it's really the happiest moment for us," said Luisa.

"Biggest blessing in our lives," said Emilio.

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