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Traveling In 2021? You're Urged To 'Get The Facts' Beforehand

DENVER (CBS4) - With coronavirus vaccinations underway, many people are hopeful 2021 may be the year we can travel again. For those who want to plan trips, things will be different than they were pre-pandemic.

Amy Quinn, travel consultant and founder of Sprit Road Travel, joined CBSN Denver to discuss some of the ways travel will be different this year. She also recently wrote a blog about some of the emotional changes and noticeable trends.

"We're craving travel… Consumers are going to be a little more cautious on choosing that 'where' as well as being more intentional," she told CBSN Denver's Kelly Werthmann. "We're not going to race all over the place. We're going to be really clear on where to go next."

Quinn explained safety is, of course, a top priority and concern for travelers. Some are choosing private aviation to reach their destinations, and they are opting for entire home rentals and longer stays.

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"Not just a weekend, but at least two weeks and we're seeing much more travel for longer period of time," she said. "There's a study conducted by Strategic Vision and they found that despite the uncertainty, travel consumers are quite optimistic."

As for destination trends in 2021, Quinn said people are craving the outdoors.

"In other words, off the beaten path," she said. "People want to be in nature. We want to continue being outside, so the Wild West, the mountains. We're seeing trends in safaris because you have less contact and fewer people. Also, the Caribbean Islands."

There's also a lot of talk about "vaccine passports" – basically proof a person has been vaccinated before they're allowed to visit a country or other destination. It could be the future of travel, but there are still a few kinks to work out.

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"The vaccine is not going to be available for everyone all at the same time," Quinn said. "Countries have to harmonize what's that documentation going to look like. I do expect technology to play a role in allowing us to travel more seamlessly and safely."

Whether traveling by car, plane, train or bus, Quinn said the best travel advice is to be informed.

"Get the facts," she said. "Know what the testing requirements are (for where you're going). We've all been through so much, and when you feel that fear coming up, just take a breath. Don't become that fear, rather find out what you have to do. Gather information to make the right decision."

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