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Tornado Touches Down North Of Denver International Airport, No Reports Of Damage

(CBS4) - A quickly forming thunderstorm produced a brief landspout tornado early on Saturday afternoon. The weak twister formed around 2:15pm on Denver International Airport land but, just north of the Airport itself.

KCNC Weather
(credit: CBS)

The National Weather Service quickly issued a tornado warning when the tornado was spotted.

The strong storm system did briefly affect take offs and landings from the airport. Temporarily disrupting the afternoon flight schedules.

(credit: LVfuselighter)
(credit: LVfuselighter)

The landspout was visible from many areas in and around Denver International Airport.

Tornado Warning

Photos from people nearby showed the tornado close to a Denver International Airport control tower.

So far there are no reports of any damage.

A landspout tornado tends to be weaker and shorter in duration than a regular tornado. It can form from a thunderstorm that is not a super cell thunderstorm which is the type of storm that typically produces tornadoes. A growing thunderstorm can produce a landspout type tornado without the strong upper level rotation of a super cell storm system.



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