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Top Coffee Shops For Studying And Working In Denver

Whether you are a student looking for a place to study or you are one of those lucky people who works from home, sometimes you need a change of scenery to keep motivated. That is where a great coffee shop can be really helpful. The perfect worker-friendly coffee shop will have free access to Wi-Fi, lots of accessible power outlets, great coffee, some tasty snacks and friendly service that doesn't mind you taking up a table for a couple of hours while you get that spreadsheet done. All of the following fantastic coffee shops meet those requirements, and even let's someone else make the coffee for a change.

St. Mark's Coffee House
2019 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 322-8384

St. Mark's Coffee House has been a favorite near City Park since 1993. This beloved neighborhood coffeehouse was named for the Patron Saint of Venice, and carries with it the long-standing tradition of the first coffee house in Europe, which opened in St. Mark's Square more than four hundred years ago. The coffee is simple, straightforward and reasonably priced and there are always lots of delicious pastries, sandwiches and other tasty treats to enjoy while you are there. The shop itself is also quite large, with lots of seating both indoors and on the patio out front. With easy-to-access Wi-Fi and lots of power outlets found scattered all over the spacious shop, you'll find lots of reasons to sit and get some work done at St. Mark's Coffee House.

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Steam Espresso Bar
1801 S. Pearl St.
Denver, CO 80210
(303) 952-9716

To start with, Steam Espresso Bar serves up a great cup of coffee. This is another large and welcoming shop with plenty of seating both indoors and out. There are also lots of fresh treats offered from Trompeau Bakery in Englewood along with the fresh coffee from Boulder's Box Car Coffee Roasters. Enjoy one of the many secluded workstations or take your cup outside on the large patio, which is decorated with a Beechcraft Jet remnant, making quite the decorative statement. The atmosphere here is very cozy and bright; with large windows which are sure to keep you motivated and working hard while you enjoy some of the best coffee and treats in town.

Stella's Coffee House
1476 S. Pearl St.
Denver, CO 80210
(303) 777-1031

Everyone who lives in the Old South Pearl Street district knows Stella's Coffee House is the place to enjoy a cup of coffee, chat with some friends and relax after a long work week. If you have work to get done, however, Stella's can also provide plenty of room for you, your laptop and a cup of coffee. The spacious patios are even dog friendly, so you can bring your pooch with you while you soak up the free Wi-Fi and enjoy a beautiful Colorado day. If you've got a large group or meeting to run, Stella's also has a couple large meeting rooms you can rent out, plus once Friday evening hits, you'll wind down after your work day with live music offered just about every Friday and Saturday night.

Bardo Coffee House
238 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 629-8331

Working at Bardo Coffee House is just like working in your own living room, except that you get amazing lattes and lots of delicious foods to enjoy while you are there. Bardo Coffee can get pretty busy, and it encourages sharing tables, which is fine if you pair up with another laptop worker, since you won't be taking up that much room anyway. The Wi-Fi is free and this shop is even open much later than most other coffee houses, so if you end up burning the midnight oil, you'll have a place to re-fuel. The only real difficulty with Bardo is the parking on Broadway is all metered spaces, so make sure to bring a pocket full of quarters so you don't end up with a parking ticket. After all, you'll probably be there for quite a while.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at

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