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Molly Brown House Opens New Titanic Exhibit With More Unseen Artifacts

By Anna Maria Basquez

(CBS4) - Molly Brown House Museum curators are excited about the opening of a new Titanic exhibit that boasts never-seen-before artifacts from the ill-fated ship on the 110-year anniversary of its sinking.

exhibit (4)
(credit: Molly Brown House Museum)

Many of the artifacts are associated with "Unsinkable" Molly Brown, who survived the Titanic's sinking and is one of the most well-known women in Denver's history.

"Heroine of the Titanic" opened on Friday at the Molly Brown House, 1340 Pennsylvania Street. It will be open for visitation on select days through late September.

"There are several (new Titanic artifacts)," said Danielle Dascalos, spokeswoman for the Molly Brown House Museum exhibit. "A piece of the ship. The Egyptian talisman—the only thing that survived with Margaret Tobin Brown after the sinking of the Titanic. It was in her coat pocket. She was in Egypt when she received a telegram from her son and he told her his son that was just born was very sick and she needed to come home right away so Margaret and her daughter left Egypt in a hurry and boarded the Titanic in Calais, France on its way to New York. She gave the lucky talisman to the captain of the Carpathia who rescued her off (her lifeboat) and now for the first time it is back at the Molly Brown House Museum. There are also original messages from the Carpathia (the ship that rescued people from the Titanic)."

There will also be a Titanic Trivia event at the Copper Kettle brewery on May 16.

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