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Denver Approves Tiny Home Zoning Change: 'Help Find A Solution To This Housing Crisis'

DENVER (CBS4) - While there won't be one solution to solving homelessness, the Denver City Council is hoping a change in zoning can help more tiny home villages sprout across the city.

"Our ultimate goal is to help people get housing and live in dignity and that supports their growth," said Tonya Salih, co-director of Colorado Village Collaborative.

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The Beloved Community Village contentiously moved on city property in the Globeville neighborhood a few months ago. They've seen several people graduate through into permanent housing.

"We can't really offer people stability if we're moving every couple of months. So our ultimate goal is to help find a solution to this housing crisis that this whole city is feeling and underneath," Salih said.

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New rules allow up to 30 sleeping units to stay on a property for up to four years. Church parking lots or property awaiting a development could be potential homes for new villages.

The tiny homes cost about $15,000 each.

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"This is a solution that is quick, it's cheap, it's easy and we can do now. It takes two months to build these houses," Salih said. "This will allow us to expand and make a greater impact."

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