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Thieves Targeting Visitors To The Denver Zoo

DENVER (CBS4) – Thieves have recently been targeting visitors to the Denver Zoo by breaking into cars and grabbing what they can.

The break-ins didn't happen where the cars are parked out in the open but instead the thief targeted cars on the zoo's third level of underground parking.

Early Monday afternoon someone broke into or stole items from as many as six cars.

"A couple of people left their doors unlocked and had some stuff nabbed out of their car and then a couple were broken into," said Denver Zoo spokeswoman Tiffany Barnhart.

At least one car window was shattered, and purses were among the items taken.

Denver police are now investigating as well as providing extra security.

"We have asked them to patrol more in addition to our ongoing video surveillance and patrols of our security guards as well," said Barnhart.

Signs reminding visitors to lock their car doors are posted throughout the parking areas.

Zoo officials are also reminding guests to take extra precaution by not leaving valuables in their cars.

The Denver Zoo has turned over surveillance video to the police and there's hope that will help identify the culprit.

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