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Hugo Water Test Results Not Back Yet, Order Not To Drink It Remains

HUGO, Colo. (CBS4) - Residents in the Eastern Plains town of Hugo are going to have to wait another day to learn if their water supply was tainted with a harmful amount of THC.

Early evidence of the chemical -- which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana -- was found in the Lincoln County town's tap water and a warning went out on Thursday not to drink it. Extensive testing is now being done by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to determine whether there is actually a danger. There was hope that results would be released on Friday afternoon. That turned out not to be the case.

bottled water
(credit: CBS)

"Water testing sample results will not be available until sometime tomorrow," said Lincoln County Sheriff's Capt. Michael Yowell late Friday afternoon. "Unfortunately we do not have a timeframe for results. We still urge residents to avoid drinking and cooking Hugo water."

Originally authorities said residents shouldn't take showers with the water. On Friday they said residents can use it for bathing, washing and doing laundry.

"We just don't really want people to ingest it at this time, until we get our test results from the CBI," Public Safety Director Sue Kelly said.

guarding well
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Bottled water was being handed out to residents throughout the day on Friday. Authorities were also guarding the town wells closely, where they suspect tampering may have taken place.

No one has reported that they have gotten sick in the town and no arrests have been made. An investigation is ongoing.

Residents CBS4 interviewed on Friday said their normal way of life has been disrupted.

"Maybe it's not that big of a deal," Linda Reid told CBS4. "I hope it isn't. There's no way for me to know. Until they get the tests back I don't think there's any way to know."

Crews with the American Red Cross have helped to drop off bottled water in the town.

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