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Temporary Tattoos Called 'SafetyTats' A Great Idea For Child Safety

DENVER (CBS4) - Most parents would steer their children away from tattoos, but there's one kind that may change their mind.

Some temporary tattoos could save a child's life. A mother of three came up with the idea and a mother of two in Aurora has bought into it for the safety of her two daughters.

Eating is a very carefully planned activity for the Wetzbarger girls. For their mother it's still a little frightening. Sarah Wetzbarger remembers the first time her daughter Rachel tasted milk.

"And all of a sudden she had hives all over her face," she said.

And then Sophie ate pistachios.

"She was getting puffy, she was breaking out in hives … she started having problems breathing," Wetzbarger said.

It turned out both girls are allergic to dairy and eggs. They can't eat any or even touch it. Sophie also can't have any tree nuts.

Wetzbarger can closely monitor her daughters at home.

"They know that their food is this drawer," she said.

But when the girls aren't with her or their dad she worries.

"Sending her to school is scary, not knowing what she could get in contact with at snack time."

Six months ago Wetzbarger learned about some bright colored tattoos called "SafetyTats" that are easily applied to the hands. They list each child's allergies and last three days. To the children they're cool, but mom considers them a "must."

"It gives me a little peace of mind," Wetzbarger said.

It's a little comfort knowing her girls' serious allergies are handy for all to see.

SafetyTats aren't just for children and allergies. People can customize them to describe a medical condition. Parents can order blank tattoos where they can write a telephone number in case a child gets lost or for seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia.

LINK: SafetyTats

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