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18-Year-Old Mayoral Candidate Prepares For Heated Race

By Matt Kroschel

MONTEZUMA, Colo. (CBS4) - Summit High School senior Benjamin Goff manages to balance his school work, a full time job all with a campaign for his small town's mayoral office.

About 50 people call Montezuma in rural Summit County their home.

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(credit: CBS)

Local Denver News

They are weighing in on the mayoral race that is heating up.

"The people at first think it's a joke, but it was a joke I wouldn't be running, Goff told CBS4 Sunday.

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CBS4's Matt Kroschel interviews Benjamin Goff. (credit: CBS)

It's little more than a dirt road leading to the towns only stop sign. But for the people who live here it's just the right size.

"I don't really like what's going on in town. Somebody needs to do something about it. That somebody happens to be 18 years old," Goff said.

The teenager is going up against the incumbent mayor, and it's turning into a race that has this community divided.

Goff wants to strengthen the relationship with local law enforcement who patrol the area.

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"There is a stereotype that a lot of people in Montezuma are hiding away from the law. I want to mend relationships with the sheriff's office. I want the sheriff's office to know that we support them and they support us," he said.

He knows he has his critics, but hopes they realize he is serious and committed to the position - that means coming home from college for town meetings.

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"It's 2018. We have Facebook. We have email. The meetings are Tuesday's at 7 p.m. That's not a good time.We could move them to a weekend day," Goff said.

We tried reaching the incumbent candidate, Lesley Davis, for comment and haven't heard back yet.

The election is in April.

Matt Kroschel covers news throughout Colorado working from the CBS4 Mountain Newsroom. Send story ideas to and connect with him on Twitter @Matt_Kroschel.

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