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Teenage Diabetic Works To Find Cure For Disease

DENVER (CBS4)- A teenager from Cherry Creek got the chance to work on the frontlines in the fight against diabetes.

Myles Scolnick has Type 1 diabetes and is working to cure his own disease in a lab that has produced some promising results.

Scolnick was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago when he was in the eighth grade. He was told to adhere to a strict diet and exercise routing.

"At first it was difficult," explains Scolnick, "But after awhile I started to adjust and now it's kind of habitual. It's like putting on a seatbelt pricking myself."

While still in High School Myles took advantage of the chance to work at a lab at CU Denver.

"It's pretty crazy to be in the frontlines working with people."

Myles worked under Dr. David Wagner, who believes he has cured Type 1 diabetes in mice. Myles' job was to look at different ages of mice to see how they reacted to treatment.

Dr. Wagner says his research could have huge implications. His team has isolated specific T-Cells that attack the pancreas and cause most cases of Type 1 diabetes. They've developed a drug that is now awaiting FDA approval and human trials.

"When we detect somebody who is very much at high risk we can treat you so you never have to go through this process," Wagner said. "It's a nasty disease,"

A nasty disease that Myles could see end in his lifetime.

"It's amazing that in the coming years, maybe after college, one of my career goals is to find a cure."

Myles is headed off to college this fall. He'll be a freshman at California Berkley.

You can help support diabetes research this weekend. The American Diabetes Association is having its annual Tour de Cure fundraiser on Saturday, August 18 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont.


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