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Teen Killed In Multiple Car Crash In Southwest Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - There's been an outpouring of support for a teen killed in a crash involving at least three vehicles in southwest Denver. Witness reports say a fourth vehicle that may have been involved in a street race fled the scene.

A memorial to 17-year-old Ricky Reyes has been placed at the site of the accident at Jewell and Sheridan Boulevard. Reyes was described by a friend as a leader and someone who found the light in a dark situation.

Denver police told Reyes' family he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So was his sister, Chantal Lilgerose, who held him in the street in his dying moments.

"(I) just told him I loved him and to please tell me something, 'What hurts? What's wrong?' " Lilgerose said.

She was one of five family members in a Ford van caught up in the accident after 2 a.m. Saturday.

"It's my little brother, he was my world. There was not one thing I would have done for him. I would rather have taken my life than his," Lilgerose said.

Those involved said two vehicles were travelling at a high rate of speed east on Jewell, one block east of Sheridan.

"One-hundred (miles per hour) plus … that is totally uncalled for," said Ricardo Segura, who was hospitalized after his Honda Civic was involved in the crash.

Ricardo Segura
Ricardo Segura (credit: CBS)

Segura said he feels lucky to be alive.

"Oh man, I've been saying prayer after prayer; me and my family," Segura said.

Segura swerved but still collided head-on with at least one of two cars he said were topping speeds of 100 miles per hour.

"If there was alcohol involved that's something that needs to be addressed, and it's a major, major issue with young kids on the streets nowadays," Segura said.

Ricky Reyes
Ricky Reyes (credit: CBS)

Reyes was a back seat passenger. His grandfather said he was not wearing his seatbelt. He was the only one thrown from his uncle's van. The van's driver was also injured and had to be hospitalize. He's also being investigated for drinking and driving.

"We were driving (the) normal speed limit and we get like if they couldn't see us," Lilgerose said.

The innocent victims are outraged at being caught up in the alleged reckless driving of others.

"I'm really furious," Lilgerose said.

"They need to be put away for life," Segura said.

Witnesses told CBS4 one of the two speeding vehicles fled the scene and police are trying to determine if that's true.

Monday morning Reyes' grandmother, Madeline Lopez, and his nephew visited his roadside memorial. Lopez said it's not easy telling 4-year old Syrius his uncle is gone.

"I tried to explain to him he's with God and he's waiting for us. He says, 'Okay, but when's he going to come home?' " Lopez said.

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