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Teen Dies After Getting Struck By Car In Bike Lane

DENVER (CBS4) - A teenager who was struck by a car last week while riding a bike or skateboard in a bike lane with friends has died.

Cole Sukle, 14, was one of the teens who was hurt when Patricia Livingston, 81, veered into them while she was driving on East Yale Avenue in the University Park neighborhood.

Authorities said on Monday that Sukle died last Thursday, the day after the crash.

children hit by car
(credit: CBS)

Livingston now tentatively faces charges of careless driving resulting in death and careless driving resulting in injury. She was injured in the crash and remains in the hospital.

After hitting the teenagers, investigators said Livingston's sedan jumped a curb and a creek before crashing a quarter of a mile away.

Witnesses said the teens, all boys, were obeying the law and were traveling inside the bike lane.

On Monday at Slavins Elementary School in Denver, grief counselors met with students and families to talk about Sukle.

Auto ped crash
(credit: CBS)
Auto ped crash
(credit: CBS)

Josie Reser told CBS4 Cole has been one of her best friends since fourth grade.

The two would have entered eighth grade together this fall.

"He was just a really good kid. It's been really hard and I've been crying a lot and mourning a lot," she said.

Her mother says she'll always appreciate Cole's kindness to her daughter.

"How much he helped her feel comfortable at school and fit in. He had a big impact on her everyday life because he was such a good friend."

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