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Knife-Wielding Woman Reportedly Robs Target, Then Dies When Arvada Officers Shoot At Her In Car That Crashes

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) - A woman who reportedly waved a knife in a Target on Tuesday is dead after Arvada police officers fired their weapons at her while she was in a car that she wound up crashing. The crash scene was adjacent to the American Motel near the intersection of Kipling Street and Interstate 70.

(credit: CBS)

So far it's not clear whether the woman died from gunshots fired by officers who were trying to arrest her or from injuries she received in the crash.

(credit: CBS)

The Target is located at 5071 Kipling Street. Arvada Detective David Snelling said several people reported that the woman was waving a knife around and menacing people early in the afternoon, and that she committed robbery.

Afterwards, she allegedly ran to the motel and got in a car.

"Officers arrived on scene and were able to contact the suspect, however the suspect was in a motor vehicle at a time. The suspect was attempted to be apprehended by officers. During that time, shots were fired by the officers. The suspect was able to drive out of the parking lot and then crashed ... where she was pronounced deceased at the scene," Snelling said.

No officers were injured in the operation.

An investigation has been launched to determine what the course of events were that led up to officers firing shots.

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