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Salida High Principal Talmage Trujillo Accused Of Interfering During School Lockdown

SALIDA, Colo. (CBS4) - The principal at Salida High School, Talmage Trujillo, faces criminal charges stemming from a lockdown situation at the high school on Sept. 23. Salida police say the received a call from a woman who was the legal guardian of an unidentified male.

The woman told police their loved one was suicidal and threatened to kill himself and "blow things up." She also said he told her he had a gun.

The male then left their home and walked toward Salida High School. When police arrived at the school, a secretary told them the school principal, Trujillo, and the male were in a fight at the football field.

Talmage Trujillo (chaffee co sheriff)
Talmage Trujillo (credit: Chaffee County sheriff)

Police officers rushed over, but did not find either person. The school was initially put on lockout, but later upgraded to lockdown out of concern for the students and staff.

Trujillo then spoke with police on the phone, but, they say, he refused to tell them where he and the suicidal male were. According to a police affidavit, Trujillo repeatedly told police they were getting lunch, but did not say where, and refused to bring the subject to police.

Police say the subject is not a student at the school. It remains unclear the relationship between Trujillo and the male.

"Talmage's decision to not cooperate placed all first responders, students, and staff in suspected danger as we all believed there was an outstanding threat at the high school," the police affidavit reads.

During the beginning phases of the search, police say they called Superintendent David Blackburn and told him of the situation and lack of cooperation by Trujillo. Police say Blackburn told them he wanted more information from Trujillo.

Police say the lockdown was later lifted after Trujillo called the school and told them to lift it. Police then placed the school on lockdown again. They say, moments later, a male wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head, a baseball hat, a face mask and jeans walked up to the school's lunchroom doors. Police say he started banging on the doors, but they advised him the school was on lockdown.

The male continued to bang on the door until a police officer opened it slightly. The officer asked who he was, and the man stated he was the superintendent and pushed the door open, police say.

It was later confirmed that man was Blackburn. Police say he later told them Trujillo and the subject were on their way to Crest Academy. An officer stated he will respond, but says Blackburn told him to stop. When the officer continued, Blackburn reportedly told other law enforcement officers who were present to "get the f*** out of my school."

When an officer responded to Crest Academy, he found Trujillo and the subject. Police say the male put his hands up and walked outside with the officer. Police say the male stated he was remorseful for his actions, but did not detail how Trujillo was involved.

Trujillo now faces criminal charges including harboring a minor and obstructing an officer.


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