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Take Note Colorado Helps Put Music Into Normally Quiet Libraries

DENVER (CBS4) - Over the next few months, Denver libraries will transform into mini music studios as part of the bigger push to get music back into the community. Take Note Colorado is a statewide initiative to provide students, kindergarten through 12th grade, better access to music instruments and instruction.

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"I played the guitar and electric guitar," Kervin Milton said. "I played the G chord, and it was pretty solid."

Once in hand, it was hard for Milton or anyone else in Pauline Robinson Branch Library to put the instruments down.

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"This is like a new experience for any child that likes music or that kind of field and stuff," he said.

While unusual, the venue was perfect for learning something new.

"You'd be expecting a whole bunch of shushes right now," Stephen Brackett from the hip-hop band Flobots said.

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He and other members of the Colorado band and a number of other local artists were on hand to teach a variety of skills. Everything from song shaping and auto-tune to the basics of beatboxing.

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"Did you just hear that laughter? That's what it's like, that joy, that glee to not be on a stage just to be here in the community sharing and building with kids as peers, it's just fun," Brackett said when asked about why they volunteer their time.

While the fun part was evident, a deeper look showed how even a few hours of music can have a lasting impact.

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"I'm going to take away a new knowledge or motivation to get out there and make my own music."

LINK: Take Note Colorado

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