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Take Home Free Wi-Fi From The Denver Public Library

By Jennifer Brice

DENVER (CBS4)- Checking out books, CDs and DVDs from a library is nothing new, but now some families can also take home free Wi-Fi.

Jeannine Sedlacek has battled with rheumatoid arthritis since she was an infant. Getting around can take a lot of effort, especially her trips to the library just so she can access the internet.

"The only way I can get around is by bus," she said.

(credit: CBS)

You can imagine how happy she was to hear about a new pilot program launched by Denver Public Library, which offers free, unlimited high-speed internet to patrons through certain Wi-Fi hotspots.

The hotspots can be checked out like a book for up to three weeks.

"When you get the kit it has everything you need so when you get home you can easily and quickly on to the internet," said Denver Public Library spokesman Chris Henning.

The library has 50 Wi-Fi hotspots available at five branch libraries in Denver including Montbello, Athmar Park, Barnum, Gonzales and Hadley.

(credit: CBS)

Computer ownership and high-speed internet use in Colorado is some of the highest in the nation but some people are getting left behind said James Vallejos with the Denver Public Library.

"If you're on a fixed income," said Vallejos, "If you lost a job or had to make cuts to a budget so you may not have that ability to make those searches from home."

Sedlacek said the devices are already making a huge difference in her life.

CBS4's Jennifer Brice interviews Jeannine Sedlacek (credit: CBS)

"It's going to allow me to get on the internet at home and follow my church, Skype my dear friend who moved to Michigan and not have to bundle up and come to the library," said Sedlacek.

Jennifer Brice is a reporter with CBS4 focusing on crime and courts. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter @CBS4Jenn.

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